Completed Projects

1. Swami Vivekananda College, Nadi (Established 1949).

Swami Vivekananda College

One of the leading high schools in Fiji, this College has been serving the needs of secondary education in Nadi as well as the larger Western District of Fiji. The College has a fully functional e-Learning facility with each of the 36 classrooms/labs equipped with data projectors, screen, computer, sound system and camera. All venues are networked to a central server which contains a full library of multimedia based learning and teaching content for all levels and subjects. This is the only school in Fiji with such facilities.

2. Vivekananda Technical Centre, Nadi (Established 1981).

Vivekananda Technical Centre

The VTC with a roll of about 100 students in piloted the delivery of Fiji National Qualifications (similar to TAFE programmes) in Automotive, Cookery, Computing, Cabinet making & joinery. It provides a vocational training opportunity to school leavers who cannot pursue higher studies. This service enables these students to stand on their own feet with a trade qualification and support their families.

3. Universal Meditation Centre, Nadi.

Universal Meditation Centre

The Universal Meditation Centre situated at SVC site is a unique facility that guides all >1000 students at SVC to the practice of meditation.

4. Ramakrishna Relief and Community Development Services

 Relief 2 

In addition to the above, RKM has implemented a number of projects with support from EU, AusAID, NZAID etc.  These projects include:

  • A charitable outreach medical service programme after the 2009 floods. Over a period of about 2 years, a team of volunteer doctors, pharmacists provided free consultancy and medicines to more than 3,000 patients through 33 (fortnightly/3 weekly) medical camps in remote villages and settlements. This evolved into a full time service – the Sarada Medical Centre, which was started in mid-2012. SMC has to-date served 21,700 patients.
  • Distribution of seeds to farmers.  Following the success of distribution of seeds to some 5,000 farmers in the Western District, the scheme was extended to some 3,650 farmers in Labasa. The scheme has been extended to school children and has been a great success.